STR MANAGER up to 12 apartments

STR MANAGER up to 12 apartments




For everyone who runs short-term rentals via Airbnb, VRBO, Booking.com and similar servers, we offer excel spreadsheet for revenue and cost management. Our STR MANAGER contains many analytical information to measure and analyze important data that affect the performance of your property.

All information such as number of accomodated guests, number of sold nights, number of sold beds, average rate per night (ADR), RevPAR, bed occupancy, room occupancy and more are available individually for each apartment and also for all apartments together.

The STR MANAGER contains many contingency charts and spreadsheets, which are a great tool in analyzing the ratios of all spending by type, as well as analyzing the financial volume of reservations by different channels.

The STR MANAGER will tell you information such as which apartment you accommodated most guests in, which apartment earned you the most money or which apartment has the highest occupancy rate. Furthermore is able to analyze your recorded information and predict future earnings and costs for the whole year with a minimum deviation. It will also give you information on the percentage of the year you are currently in.

The STR MANAGER is also suitable for agencies and co-hosts, who manage someone else’s properties. You can set a commission for the landlord for each apartment individually and for each month separately. You will always be aware of how much the owner of the property and how much you are.

In addition to this useful information, there is also a cleaning manager available in STR MANAGER, which will never forget to do an important task, which is not included in the usual cleaning process after each guest, but which can affect your rating. Example? You set up a task by the apartments and the interval, how often you want to do it and you do not have to worry about anything else. The task will be displayed when the set interval has elapsed since the last date of execution. If the time has not yet occurred, the task remains hidden.

The STR MANAGER also includes important part of our know-how, which has reduced our operating costs by thousands of dollars a year. As a result, the amount you invest in STR MANAGER will be returned to you multiple times.

Requirements: Minimal screen resolution 1280×768, MS Excel 2016 or higher, MS Windows

Delivery: The STR MANAGER will be delivered at the latest in 5 business days due to a possibility of adjustments according to your needs, e.g. your currency.


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